Cost-effective design and planning services for homes and businesses. 

Listen > Plan > Visualize > Reflect > Repeat = Design


Conceptual Design

Conceptual or schematic design is the starting point for all projects. In this phase we'll articulate the vision and goals and put together rough sketches that include key attributes that begin to show us where the challenges and opportunities lie.


Through design development we thoroughly consider all the details for a project including permitting, mechanicals, materials, energy efficiency, budget, and schedule. I've found that coordinating with the builder at this stage yields the most efficient process.


Some projects are difficult to picture in your mind, and some folks prefer a visual guide to understanding how something will look and feel. Throughout the design process, RD provides 2D and 3D images and illustrations to convey the physical ideas.

Custom Fabrication

Custom fixtures and architectural installations working with metal and wood. RD can work from concept to completion or serve as a consultant ensuring a quality finished product is designed and delivered.

Small Living

Looking to downsize, decrease your environmental footprint or working with a small budget? Tiny houses and micro homes offer creative solutions with function, performance and a great feeling.


Unique custom furniture has long been a passion of mine. Explore my collections or dream up the perfect one-of-a-kind piece for your business or home.

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Building Measurement

Accurate measurement of existing buildings and generation of scaled floor plans for leasing, development and all real estate needs. As detailed as you need.

Project Management

For commercial projects such as restaurants and retail store build-outs, RD serves as a centralized coordinator of design, construction, scheduling, budgeting and planning. 

Facility Consulting

Every facility requires a customized management plan to ensure efficiency and continuity of maintenance and operations. RD provides in-depth analysis of existing patterns and develops a comprehensive strategy.