Reflective Designworks partners with many types of clients on projects of all sizes offering design and planning services for new construction, additions, remodels, renovations, storefronts, restaurants and commercial facilities. 


My approach is to simplify the design process and cater it to the individual client. Every project is unique and my goal is to find an efficient path to deliver a successful outcome, saving money and time along the way. In a simplified way, most projects work through a cycle like this:

Listen - Gather information. Ask the right questions so the goals can be articulated clearly by the client, conveying the intention of the project, the requirements, limitations and emotional meaningfulness.

Plan - Organize the information. Determine priorities, challenges and opportunities.

Visualize - Drawings convey logical spatial relationships and feeling. Put the information and ideas on paper to ensure translation into the real world, and alignment with the goals.

Reflect - Consider what's working and what's not working. Sleep on it. Talk it out. Repeat the cycle as needed.


Design services 

Site Design

Conceptual + Schematic Design

Design Development

Permitting + Bidding 

Visualization by RD

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3D Modeling + Visualization

All design projects start with a three dimensional model that can be used to study building mass relationships, solar access, floor plans and layouts, interior design, and later to generate accurate exterior elevations, perspectives and section cuts. Working rapidly in 3D has enormous benefits to lower costs and uncover issues early in the process while allowing the client to visualize the space or structure in a more realistic way. Photorealistic rendering can be used to get a deeper understanding of how a room, space or building will look and feel.

How I work

With Owners - Develop the design, work through permitting phase, create a set of drawings to submit to selected builders for bidding.

With Owner's Builder - Develop the design, collaborate with builder on budget and construction details. Support the project with construction documents, administration and detail drawings as needed.

With Builders - Provide planning and visualization tools to convey the design to the client. Support the project with construction documents and detail drawings as needed.

With Architects - Provide design, consultation and fabrication for project elements such as stairs, railings, cabinetry, built-ins, and custom furniture as needed. 

With Interior Designers - Provide building measurement and 3D modeling. Provide visualization tools such as floor plans, photorealistic rendering and artistic rendering to convey the designers intention.

Energy + Environment

The beginning stage of a project is the best time to consider sustainability goals as they will inform the design and drive decisions through the process. Establishing goals for site productivity, building insulation, energy efficiency, solar access, electricity generation, water conservation and material selection leads to lower lifecycle costs as well as a smaller environmental footprint.