Facility Management Consultation

Having managed the operations of several complicated facilities, I've seen first hand the value of a thoughtful and effective facility management plan. I work through a checklist of the significant attributes that impact efficient operation, analyzing the existing procedures and patterns. Working with the business owner and facility personnel, we develop a strategy catered to the organization that will ensure a safe and compliant workplace, efficient use of resources, a routine maintenance schedule, a realistic reporting cycle, and a plan for the future. I am passionate about helping businesses realize their potential and balance critical functions with environmental stewardship. Listed below are the main categories to be addressed during the facility audit and subsequent facility management plan.

Chris created systems that to this day help us run more smoothly and efficiently
— Katy Lesser / Owner, Healthy Living, South Burlington, VT

Facility Management Plan


Building Manual / Info Hub

A central database containing critical building information including floor plans, warrantees, specifications, procedures, contacts etc.

Operations + Maintenance Plan

The routines and schedules for maintaining and cleaning the building and equipment.


Software that automates the organization of the O+M Plan and Building Manual.

Vendor Management

Information about service providers including contracts, insurance, scope of work specs etc

Quality Assessment + Reporting

The process of determining the status of the facility and practices and reporting to owners/GM.

Capital Planning

A long term budgetary planning tool for projecting replacement and upgrade costs of equipment and building systems.

Sustainability Planning

Ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption and waste generation and increase awareness of best practices.

Space Management

Designing the best layout and use of spaces within the facility as the function is honed.

Lease Terms + Obligations

Documenting the lease language as it applies to facility repairs, maintenance and costs.

Risk Management / Safety + Compliance

Safety training, OSHA and Health Department compliance, emergency planning etc.


The system for purchasing non-retail goods for store operation and the controls for this function.

Department Support / Projects

The process for evaluating and prioritizing infrastructure or physical needs and requests from departments within the organization.