Montpelier Tiny House

Designed and built for a family in Montpelier, VT in 2014, this 500 square foot home features concrete floors, local pine interior and white metal siding, two petite bedrooms, a swiveling "cabinet wall", a spacious bathroom and space for yoga and entertaining. The project was included on an episode of HGTV's Tiny House Nation.

Design: Chris Kiper / Anomal 

Build: Anomal Design + Fabrication / Steeplechase DesignBuild

Photos: Jeb Wallace - Brodeur

Agave  |  Williston, VT

In the  fall of 2017 Reflective Designworks had the opportunity to execute a full interior design and build-out for a "Taco and Tequila" restaurant in Williston, VT. Serving as designer, fabricator, builder and project manager, RD was able to seamlessly integrate the work flow from beginning to end. The hard, industrial corrugated siding chosen for many of the walls and custom rebar sculpture above the bar are balanced by white stained pine paneling, shades of teal, white seating and custom white tables.


Maple Tabletops: Riven

Graffiti Artwork: Anthill Collective

Concrete Bar: Anomal Design + Fabrication

Photos: JC Earle


Beach House Remodel  |  Wells, Maine

Located on a breathtaking site facing 180 degrees of Atlantic ocean to the east and a delicate ecosystem of salt marsh to the west, a 100 year old beach cottage will receive a new upper floor, refreshed fenestration, and modernized siding that blends with the local vernacular while presenting clean lines and contrasting materials. This project is currently in the permitting phase slated for construction in 2018.

Commercial Shop Design 

Liszt Historical Restoration is a best-in-class consultant and building contractor located in Hinesburg, VT that restores and renovates historical structures for large institutions and municipalities. Performing a wide variety of trades including masonry, carpentry, metal work, and site work, the Liszt headquarters is home to an abundance of tools, materials, supplies and information. My challenge was to design a commercial space that provided a clean and organized space to support profitable business operations. Assessing key business functions and work patterns allowed for logical assignment of spatial layout and prioritized access while providing  room for daily traffic and operations.

East Montpelier Tiny House

The clients in East Montpelier, VT purchased an historic school house with adjacent "horse" barn. Reflective Designworks collaborated with the owners and the builder to re-imagine this small building into a fully equipped, four-season AirBNB guest house with offices on the upper level. 

Design: Chris Kiper / Owners / Builder

Build: C. Casey Building Company

Metalwork: Construct Custom

Concrete Counters: Anomal Design + Fabrication

Photography: Owners

Zen Minimalist Collection

This collection of steel and wood furniture was fabricated for an installation at a "pop-up" gallery in Montpelier, VT. The concepts I explored during this study included cantilevered mass, inclusion of only two materials per piece, the use of raw material, and creating function with the least amount of lines. I built this furniture in 2013 with the help of my good friend Will Schebaum.


Photos:  JC Earle

Beta Technologies Bus Conversion

In the summer of 2017 Reflective Designworks partnered with Rocknail Management in Barre, VT to convert a 1982 Eagle coach bus into a functioning RV for a corporate client. The vehicle will be wrapped in vinyl graphics and used as a marketing tool as it travels from coast to coast with a message of electric powered air travel. Along with the common items found in RV's such as a toilet, kitchen sink, refrigerator and shower, this bus is equipped with six bunks, computer workstations, a lab/workshop, a 1500 watt PV solar system, and a fold out helicopter landing pad on top. Beta Technologies is developing an electric aircraft that will land on top of this rig in the future.



White Collection

Designed and fabricated by Reflective Designworks for Agave restaurant in Vermont, these tables and benches are heavy and rugged, while portraying a soft delicateness. I wanted to explore the use of glossy white to counter the darker tones in the space and emphasize the effect of many similar items viewed together. The shapes couldn't be simpler and the white paint disguises the weight and durability of the hot rolled mild steel behind it.



Maple slabs: Riven, Burlington, VT

Photos: JC Earle 

The Great Northern

The "Pergola" at The Great Northern cafe is a central, grounding focal point in the architecturally diverse motif of the popular asian influenced restaurant in Burlington, VT's south end. The structure was designed and built with Anomal Design + Fabrication. The white pine timbers harken a woodsy, northern feel while the steel skeleton and fir accents provide a sophisticated asian mood. Integrated leather seating facing a live fireplace offers a cozy nook for conversation or introspection.

Design: Chris Kiper / Anomal Design + Fabrication

Build: Anomal Design + Fabrication

Leather: Queen City Dry Goods

Vermont Outdoor Living

The goal was to take a seldom used area of exterior deck behind a contemporary home in East Montpelier and transform it into a multi-functional, comfortable space for lounging, dining and entertaining. To meet these needs, we started with the classic concept of the screened porch, added industrial corrugated roofing with large overhangs and local hemlock timbers on the exterior. Inside a small wood stove provides comfort during the colder months and ambiance year round. Understated selections of light and fan fixtures and a collection of plants and simple furniture create an honest and timeless feel.

Build: Scheduled for spring of 2018

Furniture + Fixtures

A collection of miscellaneous pieces I've made. I'll continue adding photos to this gallery as I come across them :)


Wood box coffee table with casters photos: JC Earle

Modern Loft  |  Wells, ME 

This project involved the conversion of a portion of a metal sided commercial building into a modern feeling, high ceiling loft apartment. The existing concrete floors offered beckoned to be polished to expose their natural beauty and elegance. An efficient layout provides two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a comfortable living room and open kitchen and dining areas.


Build: Spring 2018